Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #199 – Mechanical/Industrial

This week, John (Journeys with Johnbo) leads the Mechanical/Industrial theme.

The windmill is the world’s first industrial revolution as we were told by our tour guide. The wind-powered factories worked on materials brought from Amsterdam, producing flour, cocoa powder, machine-sawn wood, oil from seeds, dyes and many other products. Today, approximately1,200 of them remain there.

We see more and more wind turbinem in many places. The image below was also captured in Amsterdam:

Wanna redo flower beds? Here in a German city, they utilize machine to unload the pre-planted flower bed from the truck, then place it on the ground.


In the San Diego Model Railroad Museum (SDRM), the mini trains takes you from town to town and hills/mountains. You get to see trains, cars, trucks… in the good old days.

No, these mini trains are not toys. Yes, they are operated by machine, computer, and engineers.

The SDMRM education team uses model railroads to teach concepts like fractions, physics, and more to young students.

It’s pretty amazing to see and imagine at the same time that tens of thousands of cargoes being loaded/unloaded from and to ships at the LA port. Mobilizing and coodinating trains and trucks to transport these cargoes to warehouses and stores across the country are beyond my imagination.

Many thanks to Patti’s “Light and Shadow”. She has shown us the beautiful result of photos when light and shadow are captured at the same time. Thanks for sharing your photography experience.

John (Journeys with Johnbo) shows us excellent images from the steam engine to the mobile blacksmithen with fascinating historical information. John encourages us to consider subjects reflecting industry or items that are mechanical in nature. Click here to visit and join us.

38 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #199 – Mechanical/Industrial

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  2. Wonderful images and descriptions, Amy. I love your image of the windmill and the SDRM site. I think teaching math with the trains is a great idea. So many kids respond to concrete learning examples.

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  3. I adore windmills, all types, we had a simple metal blade one on the farm years ago, I think it’s their simplicity and the grace of wind, love the colour of the one in the photo. I also adore model rail, i have one I’m building, but not as grand a size as that awesome museum one.

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  4. All excellent examples, Amy, but I love that first shot of the windmill that apparently has a face. 🙂 I really do not care for the modern windmills in the second shot (not that it impacts your photo) and the fact that the parts aren’t recyclable makes it even worse in my eyes. The flower bed machine is interesting.

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  5. Great post Amy. we have a major port here in nearby Charleston and it really is an amazing sight. Candidly it’s never occurred to me to photograph it!! Good for you for your images of LA which is of course much larger than ours. Also loved the windmill!


    • Thanks, Tina. Actually, hubby asked me click when we were at the port. I’m glad I didn’t delete it. 😀 Sometime ago, he pointed a Lamborghini and asked me to take a shot. I had no idea. I hesitated for a moment, because I didn’t think it was a pretty car. 🙂


  6. I love old windmills but even new ones have a certain grace about them. I was struggling to think of what photos to use this week but you have given me some ideas. Thank you 😊

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  7. I love the Dutch windmills! And as to miniature railways: the world’s largest [Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg] ist still n my bucket list.


  8. Amy, I am hoping to see those windmills in Amsterdam in person sometime in 2023. We’ll see if it comes to pass. 🙂
    I marvel at the port in Los Angeles and was seeing it in action in October 2021. Back then, there were many container ships waiting to dock and the port area was full to the brim with stacks of containers. I hope things are better now.
    I love the images of the model railroad yard. I need to put that on my list to visit when I am again in the San Diego area.

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