Lens-Artists Challenge #197 – The Rule of Thirds

This week, Tina leads “The Rule of Thirds” challenge.

Many photographers agree that the rule of the thirds is perhaps the most well-known “rule” of photographic composition.

Sunset scene in San Diego is one of the examples I selected.

Why Is The Rule Of Thirds Important? This article explains.

The horse was walking toward me, so I was able to capture him with the rule. I spotted this beauty when we were looking for wildflower fields in the Texas countryside.

A young deer was standing behind the tree while I was taking a morning walking at the park. This may be one of “the third of rules” images captured by accident.

The image below was taken years ago when I knew nothing about this rule, and my camera was in the auto mode.

Here is an example of break the rule.

Special thanks to John’s Humor theme. His photos and stories inspired us to share our fun images. Your images have brought lots of laughter to us.

This week, Tina encouraged us to “share some rule-of-thirds examples and explain how and why you chose to compose them.” She gives us beautiful photo examples. Hope you’ll join us. Be sure to link to Tina’s original site, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you.

Next week, Patti will lead our challenge with a Light and Shadow theme.

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