This week, John (John’s Space) leads LACP #196 theme, He encourages us to share “…humor, humorous, fun, funny, pleasing or pleasurable.” Like John, I, too, had to dig into my photo archives.

Wanna beer?

Angry bird!

Happy birds 🙂

I’m joining John’s Halloween party here. 🙂  Ms. C dressed as a prisoner, she said, “The workplace is like a prison to me.” Later, I decided to take another job opportunity. C took weeks to make a scrapbook for me. It contained fun memories of our workplace and weighed quite a few pounds. On the last page, she said, “… May new friends always cherish you the way your old friends do…”

Those were the days…


The Wizard of Oz theme was the winner! Another year, the winner went to the Gone with the Wind theme. See the right image below, K claimed that she wanted to be like our big boss DD. It was hilarious because DD dressed pretty formally every single day.

What are you laughing at, Mister?

Anne’s  “Colorful Expression” was a fun and inspiring theme. Thanks to you for sharing your beautiful and cheerful images of colors.

John says, “Stay well, stay safe, be weird, wonderful, shapely and designed, follow your bliss, celebrate your celebrity, be choosy and serene. Have a good year, and above all, keep your sense of HUMOR!” Will do, John! Click here to enjoy John’s fun post and join us! Make a link to John’s site and don’t forget to tag.

Next week, Tina will be our host, stay tunned.

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