Lens-Artist Challenge #195: Colorful Expressions

This week, Anne’s “Fun Colors” theme gives us a chance to show how color affects our photography.

A couple of weeks ago, our local garden was filled with colorful tulips.

In spring, we see lots of purple and violet flowers here. Purple pansies/viola and petite star phlox are painted on the ground. Wisteria blooms started in late March and Texas Mountain Laurel trees are flowering happily.

Weather does impact on wildflowers. Due to the dry weather, we are not seeing a sea of wildflowers as we did before. So, I’m taking time to learn to paint bluebonnets. πŸ™‚

Luckily, we had some rain last week! Soon, we will see bright vibrant hibiscus, zinnias, coneflowers, roses, and many more.

These two red flowers are for you, Anne: πŸ™‚

Many thanks to Sofia’s bokeh theme, inspiring! We enjoyed seeing different ways of taking photos with this unique technique. I hope to get to practice more often.

Anne reminds us to ask ourselves, “What emotions does it bring to the surface? Which ones are you particularly drawn to?” Click here to visit her site to enjoy her “Colorful Expressions” post. Looking forward to seeing your colorful captures. πŸ™‚

Next week, John’s Space will be our guest host. Be sure to visit his site.

51 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Challenge #195: Colorful Expressions

  1. Yes, color does evoke emotion in us. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, I think they are happy, so I did enjoy that photos. But the bluebells, they just make you want to walk through them, or toss a little kid or puppy in there for photos. The blues are so calming for me. An inland ocean, isn’t it? Donna


    • Thank you, Tina. Glad you enjoyed these. Wildflowers can tolerate dry weather, but not this year… We are not getting enough rain, but some moisture this week.


  2. Gorgeous flowers, Amy. Thanks for sharing them, especially as it’s bone-dry around here and we barely have any blossoms – at least not from flowers.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

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