Lens-Artists Challenge #191 – Curves

This week, Ann-Christine leads LAPC Curves. She encourages us to find “curves: funny, beautiful, unusual – roads, paths, art, architecture, animals, plants – anything…”

Two curves in one giant rock at the Arches National Park, Utah. The park has over 2,000 natural stone arches.

Weeds make beautiful layers of curves:

This S shape of the river (New Mexico) leads your eyes to the beautiful mountain sight.

Caryu-Ro (below) is located in a hiding spot of the Eikan-do Temple in Kyoto. Caryu-Ro means ‘corridor resembling the form of a sleeping dragon’.  As you walk up and down through the curving stairs, you can enjoy a fine view of the woods on both sides.  At the top of the hill, you can view the entire precinct of the temple. This corridor was built without nails.

Here you can see graceful curves of mixed Chinese/Japanese calligraphy:

Have you had your morning coffee yet?

Many thanks to Patti for her wonderful Close and Closer challenge. Enjoy viewing your inspiring close images.

Anne-Christine shows an array of curves. They are not only beautiful but fascinating. Visit her site here. We are looking forward to seeing your findings through your lens.

If you want to know how LAPC weekly challenge works, click here. Next week, it’s my turn to host LAPC #191.

58 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #191 – Curves

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  2. Super creative take on curves. I loved the coffee heart.

    The calligraphy was an interesting piece to add. But the corridor…no nails? Somethmes I think we are so advanced in technology and when we see things like Caryu-Ro, I feel like we know nothing. I guess thats what travel teaches us. Appreciation of other things. Very nice. Donna

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  3. Hi- enjoyed the nice culture rich curves Amy – calligraphy to coffee and nature to man’s invention – and a curved construction of sleeping dragon without nails sounds like an amazing project

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  4. Great choices for the challenge, Amy. Your photos are terrific! I love the staircase to the temple. The perspective in that shot is wonderful! And of course I love the cappuccino, of course! 😀😀. Have a great week.

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  5. Since I usually drink tea, Amy, no designs on the top of my cup today. Once in California, a barista at Urth Cafe did a swan on the top of my drink. That was quite something. I watched him do it and a toothpick was part of the magic. Love your examples today and can’t wait to get to Arches and other parks like it!!


  6. Good morning, Amy,
    I like that picture of the river most, I think. Which river is that?
    Btw, it reminds me of a picture of a curved road in the Sangre del Christo Mountain Range in New Mexico [https://wp.me/p107Dr-1Cu], which always makes me think of a slight alteration of a movie and title the picture “real roads have curves”.


  7. Good ones Amy. I like the Caryu-Ro staircase, with the curved beams. Not easy to make I expect. The curved river reminds me of a view of the Snake River north of Jackson, WY. Pretty.


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