Lens-Artists Challenge #189 – Odds and Ends

This week Tina leads LAPC “Odds and Ends”: “let’s embrace their differences and focus on our “Odds and Ends”’

This is such a creative and fun theme, but pretty challenging. Normally, if photos are odd, I put them into my “trash can” quickly. For this theme, I went through hundreds of photos in my archives, and found a few.

Bagelson the wall, Seattle:

Jelly beans look odd under the clear crystal ball:

You can find all kinds of fish in Barcelona seafood market. This on is pretty odd to me:

Fish sticks at the Kyoto food market:

Yelp posted top 10 Best Funky Decor Restaurants in Dallas. The Rise made it to the list:

Cutting a roasted pig with a plate, then throwing the plate on the floor, Segovia Spain. 🙂

Special thanks to Karina, last week’s Special Places Guest Host. We enjoyed visiting your special places through your beautiful photos and stories.

Tina has a cool collection for this theme. We look forward to seeing your “odds and ends” images. Be sure to link them to Tina’s post here, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you.

Patti will lead us next week on her Pilotfish blog. Be sure to visit her.

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