Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 186: Low-Light

This week, Sofia leads our LAPC Low-light challenge theme. She explains, “… any circumstance where there is less light than the normal daytime is low-light as it requires different settings to take a good photo.”

For me, low light photography has much to do with the shutter speed and ISO. So when I photograph in low light, I pretty much depend on my luck.

The image below was captured at the Fairmont Banff Springs.

Beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City:

Walking through a low light tunnel to the Miho Museum (Shigaraki, Japan), designed by IM Pei. iPhone did it:

We drove up to the Rocky mountains before dawn to watch sunrise and take photos. But, it turned out to be a foggy morning:

With a long shutter speed and a tripod, light paintig can be a fun experience. πŸ™‚

Thanks to everyone who participated in John’s “Change” theme. We had a chance to share images of changes around us through our lens. This week, Sofia invites us to share photos and tricks of low-light photography. Please click here to see her fabulous and inspiring low-light photos and wonderful tricks. Please link your post to her post and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can find you.

Next week Anne will be our host, be sure to visit her site.

73 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 186: Low-Light

  1. The Rocky Mountains is so inviting! I loved the St. Patricks Cathedral photo, because of the lines and the detail in the lights, but also because I can appreciate how hard it would be to capture that. Like you, sometimes it is luck of the draw in getting low light photos. That one was fantastic.

    Have a good week. Donna

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    • Thank you, AC! When you walk close to the end of the tunnel, you suddently see the museum framed by the arch gate. Then, you understand his idea of this tunnel — he meant to tell the Chinese Tale of a fisherman who roams into a village drawn in by the fragrant scent of a forest of blossoming peach trees.” πŸ™‚


  2. The tones are just beautiful in the St. Patrick’s Cathedral photo. You speak of luck, but I think you have a very good sense of how to proceed in low light. Each of these photos is very special, Amy.

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    • Thank you, IJ! Pei’s design was based on Chinese tale β€œPeach Blossom Valley”. When he finished the project, he planted 7K trees back on the ground and on top of the tunnel.

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    • Thank you, Patti. Glad you like the architure shots. For light painting, it takes a bit of time to set up the tripod, lights… together. I think a studio would be ideal. πŸ™‚


  3. I so enjoyed this series of low-light photos, Amy. A wonderful combination of different eras and low light situations. That I.M. Pei tunnel looks fantastic. How wonderful for us that you mastered the low light there so we could see this unique tunnel.


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