LENS-ARTISTS CHALLENGE #175 – Follow Your Bliss

This week, Lindy Low LeCoq hosts Follow Your Bliss. Lindy reminds us, “We all make choices in our approach to life and art – to follow your bliss is to pursue that which provides you happiness and joy.”

I had develped my interest for photographing birds sometime ago. In 2014, I bought a Canon. It has AI Focus, AF  Servo, and high/low continous shoting setting, and many other features. It was perfect for capture amazing bird in flight. But, it took me a long while to learn about these features, besides how/when to utilize them. Since then, we made a few birding trips to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, we sailed out before dawn.

At the Ohio Lake Erie, we watched warblers migrating to Canada. These tiny, colorful birds congregate on the lake’s southern shore to rest and refuel before flying across Lake Erie.

At home, I sometimes set my Canon on a tripod by one the kitchen windows to captured birds in my my yard. Feeding hummingbirs and watching cardinal chasing tufted titmouses, chickadees, blue jays, and sparrows fighting for territory,… are so much fun. I also documented mama and papa woodpackers raising their family.


Among many other interests, I enjoy learning new photography skills, such as panning, ICM, multiple exposure, and to play with Topaz and Photoshop.

On the last evening of our birding in Ohio, we sat out there watching the sunset. A perfect way to end our trip.

Many thanks to our guest host Lindy Low LeCoq for this photo challenge themw and her amzing bird photos. Be sure to link your post to Lindy’s original challenge post here.  Thanks for joining in Patti’s Shapes and Designs challenge. I certain have learned the beauty of shapes and designs through your lens and stories. 

Next week, Ann-Christine will lead the challenge, so be sure to visit her site.

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