Lens-Artists Challenge #171 – Weird and Wonderful

This week, Ann-Christine gives us an pportunity to share our weird and wonderful images.

During snow storm in Feburary, 2021 in Texas the temeperature got down to 16F in many parts of the state. It was weired to see ice and snow here. The photo below was captured in our backyard.

A view of a desert land of Egypt from the airplane window:

A Beautiful Despair by Anila Quayyum Agha at the Amon Cater Museum, Fort Worth, Texas. Agha’s sculptures are created from intricately cut steel illuminated by a single light source, dramatically filling the room with ornate patterns of light and shadow.

Through her “A Beautiful Despair”, Agha sends out an important message,”On a trip to Spain seven or eight years ago, I visited the Alhambra palace complex. To me, Alhambra seemed to visually explain what we needed in our present times, based on the world’s then political discourse. I felt we needed a dialogue, harmony, honest exchange, and transparency to create abundance for all beings living on this planet. . Click here for more…

Special thanks to Patti for her Street Art photo challege. It was fun and enjoyable to see the street arts from many parts of the world. This week, Ann Christine shows some fascinating artworks by different artists, you don’t want to miss it. Click here to enjoy. We look forward to seeing your weird and wonderful images. Please link to Ann-Christine’s original post, and be sure to use the Lens-Artists tag.

72 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #171 – Weird and Wonderful

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  3. Hi Amy

    Your photo of Anila Quayyum Agha’s mesmerizing cube is striking and i’m so glad you linked to her interview. It is interesting that she speaks of textile art, because to me the reflected light on the floor beneath that cube does resemble a textile like an intricate oriental rug.

    Here’s a final one from me for this challenge with a weird and wonderful Goose:

    Great Blue Heron’s Guest…Flightless Goose?

    Best, Babsje


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  5. I enjoyed seeing the weird and wonderful scenes, Amy. And I was completely awed by Agha’s sculpture. Your photo of it was excellent. I’m going off to investigate that Agha link, thank you.


  6. I love the newspaper man. Fun to watch guys like that in hopes they will give us clues about what the heck they are doing, and truth is, at the end of the day they just enjoy entertainment and pocket money. Fun.

    Alhambra was one of my favorite places to visit in Spain. There were so many quiet, perfectly sculputured gardens, and the arched windows an invitation to look out. One weird thing when we visited was there were very tame feral cats that brought comfort to the grounds as well. There was even books to purchase about the cats of Alhambra. It was fun.

    And while your post is not about that, it brought light to the artist, Agha. I loved the sculpture A Beautiful Despair, where the cube seems to be floating. And I can understand how she feels inspired by her visit to Alhambra.

    Very nice. Hope you have been well. Donna


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