Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

This week Sofia Alves leads the weekly theme: Looking Up/Down.

I choose a few images of Getty Museum in Los Angelos. This image below is instereting, visitors were looking down and I was looking up to capture the scene.

Getty Museum is well known for its architecture, gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles.

Looking up, San Fransico architecture:

Many thanks for sharing your hiking and walking experience and  memories. Your beautiful photo captures inspired me to walk a little more and pay our surroundings and the beauty of nature.

Special thanks to Sofia for hosting this week’s theme. Click here to visit. Sofia encourages us to share “what have you discovered when you looked up or down? Were you surprised?” We hope you’ll join us. Please include a link to this post and use the Lens-Artists tag so we can all find you.

Patti at Pilotfish will host next week,September 11th. Hope you wil join us.

65 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #164 – Looking Up/Down

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  2. Hi, Amy. You picked a great place to highlight for this week’s challenge. The Getty is a great choice. Your photos are marvelous, too! Your “up/down” perspectives give us a great sense of the size and scope of the buildings and grounds. Wonderful! I hope you’re having a great week with family.

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  3. Hi Amy

    Apologies for my delay in adding your lovely post to the links on mine. I had surgery this week . Your fantastic photos are so realistic they have brought on my fear of heights. Seriously. I am intrigued by the photo lf what seems to be a maze in San Francisco.

    Here’s my offering with an example of looking down when I should have been looking up, and two when I was looking VERY far up – at meteors and comets.

    Great Blue Heron and Meteor

    Best, Babsje


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  5. The Getty has marvelous views both inside and out and way out to the surrounding city. What a blessing that fires didn’t reach it a few years ago!! But my favorite is your black and white/monotone shot this week. The POV makes the lines just awesome.


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  6. Absolutely brilliant photos, Amy. I think your first one is more unusual and it is spot on for the theme but the last one is also amazing. Hard to choose…!


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