Lens-Artists Challenge #162 – It’s All About the Light

This week, Tina leads the theme: It’s All About the Light. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore the magic of light. 

After an early morning light rain, the sunlight pours through these leaves in our backyard. Through the backlit, I was able to capture the shape, details, and colors of these leaves, also the raindrops.

The image below was captured at 1/6 second. With a small movement of the camera, it created a complete different scene as if sunrays were showering through the trees. It was an interesting photography experience.

As I was moving my camera closer and closer to the candle, I was able to captured not only the candle flame, but the sparkles of the wick. It was fascinating to see the wick this close.

“Photos are sending us out there to make our own discoveries.” –Brenda Tharp

Thanks to Ann-Christine for her fun Feet and Shoes challenge last week. Through your posts, we have seen many types of shoes and enjoyed reading your wonderful stories. This week, Tina encourages us to “share images that illustrate the power of light – even better if you also include the same or a similar scene at a different, somewhat less beautiful time.” Hope you will join us. Remember to link your post to Tina’s original post, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. 

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