Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161 – Feet and Shoes

This week, Ann Christine leads the challenge: Feet and Shoes.

These colorful Japanses sandels were captured while we traveled in Japan. Almost all the temples and shrines were hard wood floor. So, we are asked to take off shoes and place our shoes on an organized shoe shelf outside of the temple/shrine.

This beautiful pair of sandals was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, dated 1333 -1323BC.

Dutch clogs date back to the early 13th century in the Netherlands. They were designed to protect the feet of workers.

Some unique, handmade boots in Santa Fe.

Heritage boot offers lots of choices, Austin, Texas:

Forrest Gump’s walking shoes, Big Island, Hawaii:

“It’s not that I need more shoes, but they keep making them in my size.”

When I read this funy quote, I remembered my friend Gloria. She loved shoes, and everybody at work knew her obssession of shoes. She said she had about 300 pairs of shoes and high-heel shoes only; btw, she was 5’8″. When she wanted a pair of shoes, Gloria didn’t buy just a pair, but three or four pairs in different colors without any hesitation. For my curiosity, I actually went shopping with her a couple of times. 🙂

Ann-Christine invites us to share any feet and shoes. Click here to enjoy her fun post of feet and shoes.

Next week, Tina will host for Challenge #162. Be sure to visit her site.

64 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #161 – Feet and Shoes

  1. Hi Amy

    I am still amazed by your sandals from King Tut’s tomb. And this quote you included brings back fond memories of my late sister “It’s not that I need more shoes, but they keep making them in my size.” I hadn’t thought of Karen’s love for shoes in a long time. In college, she worked at a shoe store at thr mall, and so the entire family received shoes for every gift-giving occasion. That is a very special memory your post invoked. Thank you for that

    Here’s my submission – one final Great Blue Heron for this great challenge:

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron Gone Fishing

    Best, Babsje


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  3. Such a great collection of shoes. Can you believe the sandles from the tomb were found in such great condition? Such a treasure. And the real treasure here is the photo of the Forrest Gump bench and shoes. How fun to stick feet in their, when looks like is the intent. Donna


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