This week, Ana (ANVICA’S GALLERY) leads LAPC — Postcards. I’ve selected a few images of my favorite places for Ana’s theme.

The image below will always reminds me the turquoise and peaceful lake and soaring mountain backdrop. The red canoe slowly glided to this spot, and my camera was ready. This would be my postcard of Lake Louise.

Ayuthaya, Thailand was once called the “Pearl of the East”.Thirty-three kings of various dynasties build hundreds of temples and thousands of images of Buddha. I’d choose this one as a postcard:

“Temple of the Golden Pavilion” is one of the most popular buildings in Kyoto. Gold leaf was used to cover the second and third floors of the temple. It is real gold manufactured through the art called “gold beating”, which is the ancient hand-made method of pounding gold (of different karats and of darker or lighter shades of gold) into a whole panel of thin metal. My postcard from Kyoto.

Vernazza, Italy  is one of the five towns that make up the Cinque Terre. This is a beautiful scene of Vernazza seen from the Azure Trail, a picturesque spot before you hike down to the town.

Ana encourages us to join her postcards theme, “You can show us some of your pictures that you would send as postcards to someone you love. Or you can simply share with us images of your favorite places.”Click here to enjoy Ana’s fabulous photos and read about the history of postcard. We hope you’ll Join us.

Next week, Patti will host LAPC #160: Your Inspiration, which can be a place, a subject, a person, a book–just about anything that inspires you.


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  3. Amy, these photos are so lovely! Is it my imagination, or are your photos getting better and better every week? That first photo with the turquoise water, mountain, and tiny red boat makes me want to climb into it.

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      • Well, then my theory is shot. I think I am getting better at processing. I certainly know more than I did ten years ago when I started blogging. I love your LEGO pictures this week. So adorable. What garden are they in?


  4. Great photos. My favorite of the four is the one looking down to the sea in Italy. I used to send postcards, but it is so difficult finding them these days. Too easy to post to Instagram for the entire world to see. Stay well and healthy. Peace.

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  5. Beautiful choices Amy. Loved your Lake Louise – I was there many years ago but no red canoe for me 😢. Also found your explanation of the golden building really interesting, had never heard of that. Very cool!

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    • Thank you, Tina. I didn’t see the red canoe the day before whe we arrived. it showed up the next day. The golden temple was beautiful beyond words.


  6. Superb postcards! I could swim to the red canoe, relax with Buddha, take off my shoes and walk quietly in the golden palace and taste a real Italian gelato. Thanks for sharing, Amy, I just traveled around the world.


  7. Good morning, Amy,
    These are postcard-worthy pictures. Mar and I are still trying yo keep up the time-honoured tradition of sending “real” postcards by snail-mail. I myself enjoy printing my photos on postcards and then sending those to my friends.
    Have a great week,

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