Lens-Artists Challenge #154: One Photo Two Ways

This week, Tina leads the theme “One Photo Two Ways”. Tina asks us to show the same subject captured using multiple, different approaches.

Here are a horizontal and vertical images of a pavilion in the local Japanese Garden:


Another example is a Zinnia flower, one was capture from the side and the other was from the top of the same flower.

Panning on a still scene is a cool way to capture a landscape. The technique enables us to blend the colors and elements of the scene into an abstract image. For this one, I selected shutter priority mode with 1/25s and moved my camera vertically.

The isolated color process through Photoshop can make an image a little more interesting. I first turned the original image into black and white, then isolated the chairs in red:

Topaz Studio provides many opetions. Sometimes, I take my photo there  to create a painting-like photo.

Tina gives us many opportunities for this theme — “in a vertical vs horizontal crop, in color vs monochrome, a scene from afar or zoomed in close on a particular area  of the same image, etc.” Click here to view her beautiful images. Hope you will join us and show your one photo two ways. please link your post to Tina’s original post and use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you in the WP Reader.

Thank you for joining in last week’s “It’s a wonderful world”. Your photos of nature, travels… have been inspiring and comforting, and they are all beautifully presented. It was quite moving and special to read about the “parents” for this theme. I enho Patti’s thoughts– “At times over the past 15 months, it’s been hard to keep the faith. The news is noften overwhelming. World events, natural disasters, political and institutional crises have shaken us out of our complacency and rattled us to the core. We doubt that life is predictable, happiness is possible, and people are good….” Yes, so many of us “turned again and again to nature, finding comfort in its beauty, its generosity, its predictability.”

An important announcement. We are excited to announce a special event for the month of July. Several of our previous Guest Hosts have agreed to lead the Lens-Artists challenge. We’re sharing their themes in advance and hope you’ll join us and them in the coming weeks. They include:

July 3 John Steiner of Journeys With Johnbo will present “On the Water”

July 10 Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed will present “Black and White”

July 17 Rusha Sams of Oh The Places We See will present “Getting Away”

July 24 Beth Smith of Wandering Dawgs will present “Along Back Country Roads”

July 31 Ana Campo of Anvica’s Gallery will present “Postcards”

Please be sure to check out their always-interesting and beautiful blogs, and join us in supporting them as they lead us each Saturday in the coming month. Until then, please remember to stay safe and be kind.

72 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #154: One Photo Two Ways

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  2. Excellent examples all, Amy! You have showed us different techniques and I loved the flower and the red chairs very much! Panning is great fun too. Hope you are having a nice weekend!


  3. Hi Amy

    Your comparison of the two views of the Zinnia was very effective. And I prefer the top view. My mother raised Zinnias and I hadn’t thought of them in a few decades, so thanks for the little walk down memory lane.

    I hope its ok for me to play again, this time following the suggestion of one photo two ways, not five ways like last time. 😊

    Here’s my submission. It has one picture two ways.

    Beautiful Great Blue Heron: The One that Didn’t Get Away

    Best, Babsje


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  5. Amy, every one of your photos is stunning. It’s impossible to pick a favorite. The first one looked like something out of a fairy tale. How can anyone/organization keep such a perfect space? I loved the dancing flower. it reminded me of a ballerina. I pictured it twirling and twirling in it’s little tutu. The red chair – wow, what a pop effect. Panning didn’t thrill me. That’s how I would see things normally were it not for glasses and eye surgery! LOL If I could get over trying to make it right in my brain, I’d love it because it’s quite beautiful – like water colors. Thanks for sharing with us, Am.y


  6. Wonderful, Amy! I love your image of the flower with the painting effect and those red chairs! A great idea. You’ve really shown us so many possibilities here for our photo experiments! I hope you’re having a good week.


  7. Love all the different approaches, Amy 👏 but the abstract of the trees is a clear winner. I’ve seen other “blur” shots but that has really inspired me to give it a go when I have the chance 😃


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