Lens-Artists Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green

This week, Tina leads the Cool Colors – Blue and Green blue.

Green normally is associated with meanings of harmony, freshness, and environment.

To many, green stands for new growth and rebirth, as all of the plants are coming back to life  after winter.

Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is a symbol of open spaces and freedom.

Green grass and houses under the blue sky. A beautiful countryside view in Amsterdam:

Green and blue mountain/sky through Bosnia countryside:

Blue Jays through my kitchen window:

Many thanks to Ann-Christine’s inspiring “spots and dots” theme. We have enjoyed your beautiful and creative images. Click here to enjoy Tina’s beautiful blue and green images. We hope you will join this week’s Cool Colors. Please remember to link your post to Tina’s post.

We’re excited to announce that our challenge will be hosted by Dianne Millard of Rambling Ranger. Be sure to check out her beautiful blog and watch for her post next week.

66 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green

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