Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #136: Subjects Starting with the Letter–S

This time, Patti wants us to focus on the letter S.  What images can you find that feature a subject that begins with the letter S?

S for snow:

Never in a million years, did I think that I would take photos of snow in our backyard. The week before the snow storm, it was at around mid 70s F during the daytime, and we though the snow storm will come and go quickly. Boy, were we wrong…

A blast of arctic air swept through Texas brought ice, snow and record-low temperatures that haven’t been felt in decades. According to weather report, we had inches of snow and icy rain from North to South. The brutal temperatures caused millions of people faced burst pipes and power outages.

Many thanks to Sheetal for her fabulous “A Glimpse of My World”– the wonders of the Beatles ashram and the Ganga Aarti ceremony in Rishikesh, India. Due to the power outage and the inconsistency of wifi, I haven’t been able to visit your post. I apologize.

We are looking forward to having a sunny, warmer week ahead. S for sunflower.

This week, Patti shows us various subjects starting with the Letter S. Please click and enjoy her images. We hope to see your creative photos. In your post, include a link to Patti’s original post and use the Lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader. Join the fun!

Next week, Ann-Christine will be hosting Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #137, so please be sure to visit her site and join us.

90 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #136: Subjects Starting with the Letter–S

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  2. Amy , your post reminded me of P B Shelly’s quote, “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” We have been hearing and reading a great deal about the chaotic weather scenario in your state so all I’m going to say is, ‘ stay safe, stay warm’. Also the close ups are awesome. Thank you for your super shoutout . Am on top of the world.

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  3. Good to hear you are on your way out of it. When something like this strikes an area not prepared for it – it can become disastrous. Glad you are facing warmer days! Lovely snow shots and sunflower!

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    • Thank you, Isadora. Happy to know you enjoyed these image. It’s the first time, we had to endure the cold, ice, snow without heat for many hours.
      Thanks for share your lovely photos!

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      • Oh my, it must have been difficult. We had an ice storm once when I lived on Long Island, NY. No electric for days. We had a travel trailer for vacations at our home we used until the LP ran out. It did help. I hope all is well by the time you read this.
        Be Safe 😷 Isadora 😎


  4. The snow theme was a very good choice and you show us amazing frosty ice cold images!! Then as a contrast to the cold, we get a nice splash of yellow from the sunflower and the longing for summer can also be felt over here.

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  5. So very sorry you and your region have experienced the ill effects of snow, but, as you’re showing us in these photos, there is a beautiful aspect of snow storms if only you look closely. Your photos share the details and intricacies of crystallization, and you’ve captured it all so well with your camera. And there’s always my love of sunflowers as well. And excellent post!

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  6. So glad you all are putting this week behind you Amy – good heavens what a horrific event. We often thought of snow as fun and a break from the everyday humdrum when we lived in the north but in this case it was something entirely different. Much like our southern area, a snowstorm is something for which we are totally unprepared. We had an inch a few years back and the entire area was literally shut down for a full week, including our airport. We have no snowplows nor do we have sand for the roads. But we did not lose power or water which is what made your week so horrific. Glad you’re recovering!

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    • Thank you, Tina for your kind words. This city doesn’t have snowplows either. We were told to stay at home. But, the power outage was difficult to deal, luckily, we didn’t have water problem like other cities. Things are getting back to normal, its a lot warmer.


  7. I like your sunflower for “S” much better than snow for that same letter. 😉 But still, your photos of the snow crystals are great.
    Habe a wonderful – and warm(er) – Sunday,

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