Lens-Artists Challenge #129 – Favorite Images of 2020

This week, Tina leads the “Favorite Images of 2020″. Tina reminds us, ‘Our annual “Favorite Images of the Year” challenge presents a different opportunity…’

As I was going through my 2020 LAPC posts, I also took time to read my blog friends’ and followers’ comments. So, I decided to randomly select a few comments along with my favorite photos.

The post of Symmetry(hosted by Patti) received many responses.

Viveka (mygulitypleasure): “Amy, you have just added a little bit of magic to my Tuesday. What a gallery. My favourite has to be the two windows with the rail. Thanks, Amy!”

Sheetalbravon, “I can imagine the effort gone into clicking those photos because capturing the symmetry that the eyes see is not easy. The castle and the new age building were perfectly framed.”

The photo below was taken at a local park, it was processed through the Topaz Studio:

Debra (breathelighter.wordpress.com), “What a wonderful opportunity to have visited Egypt and to have photographed such amazing sites. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be utterly fascinated. I really like the way your mind works with this theme. Very clever, Amy…” (“Future” hosted by Ann-Christine.)

Pit pitsfritztownnews, “I like the photo of the statues of Ayuttaya a lot because of that great line of perspective, and th at of the pyramid of Giza because of it’s concentration via a close-up. Just showing a small portion of the pyramid makes the picture so great.” (“Leading Lines” hosted by Tina.)

This is one of my favorite reflection images:

“Under the Sun” is one of the themes that I enjoyed sharing and hosting.

Hammad Rais, “These snaps of yours have certainly filled my heart with warmth and joy. Truly amazing snaps these are, Amy.”

Rusha (Oh, the Places We See ), “A wonderful theme with many ways a writer can interpret and share photos. …Your touring in the sun, however, looks fairly rigorous, but I would have “soldiered” on just to see it, thinking all the time about the poor souls who built those structures in the sun so many years ago. Thanks for a great lead this week.”

The “twirl” technique was new to me. It took a few extra steps and some hours to get this result:

For the one below, I merged three other images into one. I used the final version to address the “chaos” we were facing:

The “Negative Space” theme recived high numbers of views, likes, and participates. I love all the responses.

Denise (denisebushphoto), “Wonderful examples of negative space Amy! In art school they taught us negative space gives the eye a place to rest. I love a low horizon and big sky like you have in your first image!”

Debbie Smyth (travelwithintent.com), “A great theme, Amy. Your images are excellent example of how all that space can enhance a photo. We all need reminding about this composition gem, as it is too easy to get embroiled in all the details and forget about using the nothing.”

Teresa (Reflections of an Untidy Mind), “Thanks for this awesome theme, Amy. I had a lot of fun. Probably too much. 🙂 Your photo gallery is lovely and was really helpful too…”

Since I have spent much time at home. The “At Home” theme came to my mind.

JohnRH, “You ALWAYS have such good photography. You’re one of the many fine Lens-Artists that do so for whom I run out of complimentary adjectives. Excellent theme and post. Good choice on the McCartney song.”

Paul (pvcann), “Very uplifting, so much to reflect on here. I especially like the corner because I understand that, but all so good.”

Due to the spring rain, our hibiscus plant (our neighbor bought and planted for us) gave an abundance of blooms onto the fall:

Jo (restlessjo), “This is such a beautiful post, Amy! What a cosy home you portray. I love that second one with the gleaming vase, and I can just picture you watching those birds. Fab photos and theme.”

Thank you for spending time to visit, comment, and participate LAPC. Every week, I look forward to seeing your posts and reading your stories. Tina’s “Favorite Images of 2020” is fabulous, click to visit her beautiful photos and stories. I’m taking the opportunity to re-visiting your thoughtful, delightful, and enouraging comments, they are especially comforting during the pandemic.

We are excited to announce that next week’s challenge will be guest hosted by Slow Shutter Speed’s Anne Sandler. Be sure to stop by her blog this week to see her beautiful photography and to make sure you don’t miss her post next Saturday at noon EST.

We look forward to seeing your favorite images of 2020. Remember to link your post to Tina’s original post, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you.

Happy 2021 to all of you!

88 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #129 – Favorite Images of 2020

  1. I always enjoy singular beauty such as negative space. I wish I have the patience of using apps to bring art to photos such as the ‘chaos’, Amy. Thank you for mentioning how we can further with out lenses.


  2. Hi Amy, What a clever idea to include comments from your readers. It was especially fun because I have grown close to some of them more this year than ever through the Lens Artist Challenge. Each photo was exquisite. The vibrant red, the fairyland, the reflected symmetry with bold golds. I think that one was my favorite.


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  4. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post entirely, Amy, although I was a little late. 🙂 Your photography is always exceptional Amy. I sometimes try to think which photo in any grouping is a favorite, but I can rarely determine. All are so special. Happiest of New Year’s my talented and creative friend.


    • Your thoughtful comments keep me going during this troubling time. Thank you so much, Debra for taking time to visit and comment.
      All the best for 2021! We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


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