Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #127: Precious Moments

This week, as we are approaching the end of 2020, let us share some of the precious moments we have had, before or during the pandemic.

“Life is short, and every moment is precious.” — Gad Saad

“We never remember days, only moments.”     

Cesare Pavese

The photo below was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland. Years later, I remember several happy moments at the festival. This one was a precious moment, it still makes me smile.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Omar Khayyam

When we were taking a three-week tour of spain, one of the things that I enjoyed the most was sitting in an outdoor cafe drinking wine or coffee and tasting savory delicious tapas, and people watching. This definetely was a happy moment.

“Precious moments are small elements of time, we show and share love and kindness, with those we care about.”

– Tom Bake

The photo below was also taken in Spain, when I saw a group of youngsters walking toward us from a distance. As I was trying to get my camera ready, they got closer to us. Unexpectedly, they posed for me with lovely smiles. This moment is one I will always remember about Spain.

Last but not least, many thanks to all of you for being part of the LAPC community. Viewing your photos and reading your stories brings me joy, comfort, smiles, and laughters, and sometimes tears. Your visit, likes, and thoughtful comments mean a lot to me. Sharing and connecting in the blogosphere is among my precious moments, especially during this troubling time.

We look forward having a happy family gathering in 2021!

We invite you to share your own precious moments captured while traveling, during the holidays, and/or while spending time with your family and friends. In your post, include a link to my original post here and use the lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader. We look forward to seeing your creative work.


There have been issues with WP pingbacks not working. If you don’t receive a reply or a comment from us, please let us know


Special thanks to Patti for her “Subjects That Begin with the Letter A.” Patti’s photos are beautiful and her words inspiring. Her post gave us wonderful opportunities to explore. We have enjoyed your creative posts. Have you seen these?

Siobhan (Bend Branches): Beautiful Aspen trees in the fall

Steve theoutershores: A Is for Anthopleura

100 Country Trek: Animals in Africa

Next week Ann Christine will host LAPC #128 on December 19th. Stay tuned.

181 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #127: Precious Moments

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  10. Hi Amy – enjoyed this post and the people watching in Spain sounds awesome – and loved the group shot –oh the smiles
    and also like how you ended the post with shout out to your blog community – it sure is a nice place to connect and wishing you a nice weekend


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  12. Amy, I’m not so good at capturing people but looking at your precious captures of the moments you have witnessed is giving me some really amazing vibes.
    Thank you so much for sharing your precious moments with me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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