Lens-Artists Challenge #125 – You Pick It!

This week, Tina ask us to choose our subject and “to share whatever it is about it that you find interesting.”

My subject for this week is about birds.

When it comes to birds, feathers, flight, and songs come to our mind. Colors, patterns and the unique melodies are what makes these birds loved by all.

Birds are busy throughout the year. In spring, they spend lots of time finding a safely place and hatch their eggs, raise, and protect their young. They utilize any available material–leaves, sticks, mosses, lichens, feathers that they can carry, and know how to use artistry, intricate design and complex engineering to build the nest. It is amazing!

In the early spring males usually migrate several weeks before the females, arriving early to scope out possibilities for nesting sites and food sources, and to begin to defend territories. The females arrive several weeks later.

In the autumn, in many species, the females and their young leave early, often up to four weeks before the adult males. Birds in migration can travel as far as 16,000 miles.

Tina encourages us “to share a subject that is near and dear to you, that you find interesting, or challenging, or perhaps that shows us something new or unique to you.” Click here to visit her stunning images.

Thank your for participating last week’s “Now and Then”. Through your photos and experience, I’ve learned how the best to deal with the dramatic change during this troubling time. Your stories and quotes are inspiring and encouraging.

SPECIAL NOTE: For those who expressed a wish to have advance notice on our themes, next week Patti will present us with an Alphabet Challenge – Subjects That Begin With The Letter A.

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