Lens Artists Challenge # 124: Now and Then

Now that we are staying at home most of the time due to the pandemic, I often think about our different lifestyles now versus then.

Before the pandemic, we traveled whenever we could. Once back from our trip, hubby took care of the after-trip stuff and worked on the next trip. I’d spend most of my time downloading, deleting, and organizing photos, and making/scheduling posts. Now, we take our daily walk around the neighborhood or to local parks, and sometimes take a field trip.

A young deer in the woods. 🙂

Then, we made friends when we traveled. Now, I am making friends in our neighborhood through chatting, texting, and Facetime as I mentioned in my previous post–“Found Friends in Neighborhood”.

Then, hubby and I depended on the Internet mostly to get travel information and to book flights/hotels. Now, I surf Google to find movies and reading material and to learn new skills and knowledge. The fun part is that we often share and take time to discuss our findings. The other day, as I was learning color mixing, hubby took time to explain about Newton’s Color Theory.

Then, we tried international cuisines in different parts of the world as we traveled. Last year when we went to Japan for the second time, hubby spent days researching Japanese food and studying restaurant reviews. He then made a daily savory list based on each restaurant’s speciality. Now, I learn to cook various foods with different flavors and spend part of my day planning and preparing our meals.

Kyoto, Japan

Our daughter got us a puppy, she even trained the puppy before she brought him to us. She said that the puppy was a toy dog, so he would be a friendly companion during the pandemic. Now, the puppy is 6 months old and keeps us busy throughout the day. He makes funy noises to let us know it’s time to take his morning and evening walks and which treats he likes the best; he barks when it’s time to sunbathe. He decides where he wants to take a nap on the couch, chair, or his daybed. I feel we both are under puppy’s training. 🙂

For our challenge this week we’d like you to tell us about your perspective on now vs then – it could be before and after the pandemic or any other changes you have experienced. As always, we look forward to seeing your responses. Please remember to link here and to use the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you. As always we thank you for your support.

Ann-Christine’s “Found in the Neighborhood” theme was fun and special. She gave us a chance to discover in our neighborhood. It was such a treat to walk with you and visit the place that means so much to you. Thank you!

Have you seen these:

Sandy’s marvelous bird portraits

Anne’s lovely selections of  flowers, wild turkey, and mushrooms

Teresa take us on a walk in her very own lovely neighbourhood.

Aletta takes us to Langebaan. A beautiful town in the Western Cape province of South Africa 

Tina will host for Challenge #125 on November 28th, be sure to visit her site.

This year’s Thanksgiving will be different for many of us. Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe week.

123 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge # 124: Now and Then

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  4. An excellent topic to choose. Now and then could easily expand in these old eyes to longer amounts of time – travel before internet and phones; cameras vs phones; film vs digital; etc. With the pandemic, we live under a flight path and next to a large metropolitan park with limited openings and services. Very much quieter. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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    • Well said about the changes we have been facing. Internet, smart phones, apps… all have change how we use, share, and collection information. Thank you for taking time to comment.


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  9. I’m glad you have so many memories of travel to think back on, Amy, and I hope you’re planning trips for the future. It really is amazing for all of us to think back to what we were enjoying just a year ago. I think even small freedoms are going to be reasons to celebrate. Your photos, as always, are just gorgeous. Each one of them!

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  11. Hi Amy, What a great topic. I love the sky in that first picture. Your puppy is adorable. I love the inside out ears. You traveled much more than we did – even at our peak, and to much more exotic places. Our lives in Woodlake didn’t seem too different before and after. It was like our neighborhood was one big family. Here in Prescott, the restrictions aren’t so tight, so it feels pretty normal except for the masks. We have met both our side neighbors already – nice people. Here is my link to Now and Then https://tchistorygal.net/2020/11/22/cffc-white-or-cream-colors-before-covid-19/. Thanks again for all your hard work. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Marsha. Comparing now and then, it is hard to believe that it has been a year withough going anywhere and cancelled a few trips we booked in 2019. So glad you like your new home. It must be challenging to move during this troubling time.

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      • Thanks, Amy. It has been relatively easy, and more so now that we are here in AZ. We are careful with masks and social distancing because we don’t know anyone yet and if we all get sick, it will be difficult. But we are so thankful for a safe trip.


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