Lens Artists Challenge # 123: Friends Found In the Neighborhood

This week, Ann-Christine lead “Found In the Neighborhood”. As she said,”There is so much to discover, if only you open your mind and all your senses.”

Walking around our neighborhood, I get to enjoy these pleasant and inviting spots, like this one:

These days, I have enjoyed chatting and texting with my friends in our neighborhood. I’m using this theme as an opportunity to share a story with you.

M is young, energic, funny, and bright. We used to just say hello to each other on our morning walk. Now, we call each other just about everyday and text back and forth a few times. She tells me how to train our puppy, tells me what she is cooking for dinner, and sometimes about her house projects or ideas for their lovely home. The other day, she took time to share her life philosophy with me and we got to know each other a little better. M often makes an effort to ask if I need anything from the store before she goes shopping.

L always texts me first before she calls. Through our conversations, I learned about the struggles of her parents when they came to the US as young immigrants (her father was recruited as a solider and mother was a helper in the army kitchen.) and they got married during a very difficult time and how her aunt helped her raise her kids as she went to college and later worked in an ER.

Two weeks ago, L drove almost a day to visit her 90-year-old aunt and stayed with her for a week. Now, her two grown-up boys are in the medical field; her elder son is a medical doctor.

As a voluntter at the local food bank, twice a week, L gets there before 6:30 am helping pack grocery. She says cars are already in a long waiting line by then. Her efforts make our monthly donation look so small. Yet, she still finds time to collect used toys in the neighborhood, clean and box them nicely, and then take to the foster home. Often, she takes time to motivate me to do my workout especially when I am in a low mood.

V and I exchange photos and forward fun stuff to each other a few times a week. During the presidential election, we shared our concerns. She reminded me how important it was to keep our faith and belief strong and then to keep moving forward to the best of our ability. The day after Joe Biden delivered his acceptance speech, V told me that she spent part of the day at church praying for our country. When she came home from church, she texted me, “… there are more good people in this world than those who reach out and are harmful.”

I value our friendship. Our daily contact has been comforting and uplifting in many ways. This has been a blessing during the pandemic.

Ann-Christine shares what she found in the neighborhood through her creative and beautiful images. Here are some suggestions from Ann-Christine: “What makes this place (thing, person, pet…) what it is? How can I look at the everyday from a new perspective? ” You don’t want to miss it, click here. We are looking forward to seeing your interpretation. Please include a link to Ann-Christine’s post and use the Lens-Artists tag so that everyone can find your post in the WP Reader.

Special thanks to Ana for her timely theme, ”The Sun will come out Tomorrow”. Your responses are beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing with us.

84 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge # 123: Friends Found In the Neighborhood

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  2. It’s good you have made some friends that help you through this difficult time. I have been spending more time keeping in touch with others and making some new friends through social media and blogging. You have an interesting neighborhood … great images!

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    • Thank you, Sue. I’m lucky to have their support and our daily contact through smart phone and apps help me go through this troubling time a lot easier. The first image was processed through the Topaz Studio. 🙂

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  3. Oh Amy, I really liked how you’ve brought us closer to your neighbors. In cities like mine, it is not frequent to have much relationship with those who live around us, we hide in our houses, with hardly any contact with the neighbors. Lovely post!

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