Lens-Artists Challenge #119 – My Hideaway

This week, Ann-Christine leads LAPC #119 — A Hideaway. “A Hideaway, is a place to which a person can retreat for safety, privacy, relaxation, to seek seclusion or refuge.”

Normally, an art museum is not a place that one would go to be away from the crowd or tourists. The McNay Art Museum is different from many art museums.

When World War II prevented the Witte Museum from hosting art classes, Mrs. McNay invited the San Antonio Art Institute into her home. She built a library and studio classroom on the McNay grounds; paid for art supplies, salaries for teachers, and exhibitions; and housed visiting instructors, so that the San Antonio community could share in her love of art.

The courtyard is a relaxing place to enjoy the courtyard and the beautiful spanish architecture.

In 1950 after Marion died, she left her collection of more than 700 works of art, along with the house, the surrounding 23 acres, and an endowment to establish the first museum of modern art in Texas. In 1954 the McNay opened its doors to the public.

A few times we visited there, the museum and the courtyard have been pleasantly quiet. It could be it’s away from the tourists’ spots of the city–the Riverwalk and the Alamo, which attract millions of tourists each year before the pandemic.

Sitting under the sun and enjoying the beautiful spanish architecture and the quiet garden, a hideaway, indeed.

Many thanks to Anne Leueen for helping Biasini host the fun and inspiring challenge last week. We have learned so many different forms of communication through your creative photos and thoughts.

This week, Ann-Christine invistes to join “A Hideaway“. She gives us a grand tour of her beautiful glass house. Take a look. We are looking forward to seeing your interpretations.

Tina will host for Challenge #120. Stay tuned.

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