Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #110: Creativity in the Time of Covid

This week, Tina’s leads the Creativity in the Time of Covid Photo Challenge. As Tina said, “…many of us have found ways to better cope with those restrictions through our efforts to maintain our creativity.” She gives us an opportunity to focus on those efforts. I chose some of my recent photo works for this theme.

I have been playing with new features of of iPhone 11. For the image below, I use the “portrait” setting to take this flower photo. The result was a nice surprise:

With all the time I have, I try to learn and practice some new photo processing techniques, blending two photos through PhotoShop is one of those techniques.

Through the process, I was able to blend the above photo with my bird photo. Once I complete the blending, I then did some extra editing work in Lr. Here is the result:

Flying birds in the woods below is another example:

Combining/Blending photos allows me to create something new and different. But selecting photos and making sure that the post processing result looks nature can be tricky. It’s fun to learn something new though it is time-consuming for beginners, like me. 🙂 I’m stuck at home, so I can find time to play with it.

For this photo below, I blended three images to get this result:

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.  — Mary Lou Cook

Thank you for your responses to my “Under the Sun” theme. You have given us a wonderful opportunity to enjoy beautiful gardens, beauty of nature, and your favorite places under the sun. 🙂

Tina’s “Creativity in the Time of Covid” post is incredibly creative, beautiful, and inspiring. You don’t want to miss it. We are looking forward to seeing your interpretation. Please make a link to Tina’s post. Don’t forget to tag “lens-artists”, so we can find you on WP Reader.

Finally, are you interested in learning more about about the team behind the Lens-Artists Challenge?  If so, we invite you to visit TCHistorygal.net where you’ll find our recent interview with Marsha Ingrao of Always Write. It was great working with Marsha and being a part of her Artists’ Interview series. We thank her sincerely for her efforts on our behalf.

With that, I want to express my special thanks to Tina for her leadership and vision for our Lens Artists Photo Challenge. It is a great honor to team up with Tina, Patti, and Ann-Christine. Their talents and commitment have taken the photo challenge to new heights.

We hope you’ll join us next week for Patti’s challenge #111.

Stay safe, stay well.

96 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #110: Creativity in the Time of Covid

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  2. Nice work, way to play, and learn something new. If you hadn’t told us they were combined photos, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to tell. My hubby and my youngest use Photoshop too – it’s amazing how well it can work. They’ve even put a smile on a family member’s face so the seasonal greeting card contained all smiles.

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