Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #101 : One Single Flower

This week, Cee leads us to explore “One Single flower” Photo Challenge.

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope”

Lady Bird Johnson

Years ago, I learned photographing flowers from Cee’s Flower of the Day, am still learning. Cee has taught me how to capture flowers from different angles and details of petals, stigmas, and anthers. Here is my entry.

Capture the back of a beautiful sunflower:

Take a close look of carpels and stamens of this Magnolia:

Love the details of this pretty Hibiscus:


Have fun with my macro lens. The diameter of this tiny cactus flower (below) is only 1/4 inch:

Often, I just want to capture the beautiful colors of flowers.

The above flower photos were taken a week ago, except the last one.

I am thankful for Cee’s guidance and photography tips and tricks through her photo themes. I joined Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge (aims having some fun while photographing) back in 2014. I also have enjoyed her “On the Hunt for Joy Challenge“.

The photo below is one of my early Flower of the Day photos back in 2014:

Cee’s “One Single Flower” is fabulous, you don’t want to miss it.

We look forward to seeing your creative responses to “One Single Flower”. If you join us, please tag Lens-Artists and link to Cee’s original post (the link on WP Reader does not work).

Stay tuned for Patti’s LAPC #102 on June 20th. 

101 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #101 : One Single Flower

  1. What a beautiful gallery, Amy … love the image of the sunflower from behind and the light coming through. And the Hydrangea, my grandma’s favourite and she had them in the most fantastic colour shades … she gave the same Bleach every year and that resulted in that every bush had all the pastel colours under the sun.


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