Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #93 – Morning

This week for LAPC, Ann-Christine wants us to share our morning moments.

When we were visiting Egypt last November, most of the days we had to be up early to either catch an early flight or beat the crowd; and a few times our wake-up call were 4:30 am. One of our early morning Luxor bus tours was a long ride; it drove through different villages. The slow but pleasant ride gave us a chance to enjoy the morning scenes of the countryside. Here, we will take a virtual tour together to see how morning looks like in some of villages in Egypt.

The Egyptians grew their crops along the banks of the River Nile on the rich black soil. Beautiful farm land along the Nile. Our tour guide said that they have plenty of water for farming.

Here we saw mini school bus and truck picking up kids from door by door.


Some kids were waiting for their school bus at the corner of the street.

In some villages, kids walk to school.

This young boy was pointing the direction as if he couldn’t wait to get to school 🙂

I’m not sure what caught their attention, but glad I captured their expressions.

The public education system in Egypt consists of three levels: the basic education stage for 4–14 years old. All levels of education are free within any government run schools.

We look forward to seeing your interpretation for the morning theme, as always. Click here to see Ann-Christine’s beautiful morning post. Be sure to link to her post and to use the Lens-Artists TAG.

I will host next week’s LAPC #94. Stay well, stay safe.

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