Lens-Artists Challenge #90 – Distance

This week, Tina invites us to join the distance theme.

“Social distancing is deliberately increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. Staying at least six feet away from other people lessens your chances of catching COVID-19.”

Lisa Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H. , senior director of infection prevention at Johns Hopkins. More important information.

For this challenge, I borrow a couple comments from my blog friends, and I also want to share a story with you.

In his “River Runs Through It, Ken says,”Here is to hoping that the river of our inspiration continues to bring our virtual community together in these troubled times, and remind us of that which is common, that which we share, and what we can continue to do for one another. To bridge the differences and to see those rivers not as things which separate us, but as the the flow that brings us a varied life.  —Ken (Pictures without Film)

“Let’s take some lessons from them today. Be the bear in this fight. Find happiness in solo pursuits and, if you’re safe at home with a partner, stay connected and united. And stay away from everyone for a few weeks. Bears do it for a whole season and so can we, especially with gadgets and technology to still bring us together.”  — Kelly (Daily Dose of Beauty)

We all are waiting breathe a sigh of relief. I’m grateful for the connection in the blogosphere. Those bright hi-tech people work diligently to ensure the technology networks working without failing.

A friend of mine forwarded me a long message. I shortened it:

Truckers drive days to get supplies to stores; one trucker said, “there will always be another trucker coming…”. Store workers are stocking shelves all night. Restaurants want to feed kids who’s parents need help. Crafters sew masks and caps for nurses and home health care. Young people offer help to seniors. Police, firefighters, and Military stand strong and continue to protect us. Our doctors, nurses, and medical staff put themselves at risk to help the infected.

A week or so ago, when I was walking in the park, from a distance I saw a person lying on the ground and two young men standing by the person with a distance, one of them was calling 911. Soon a biker stopped by and said, “I am going to meet the ambulance at the parking lot and bring them here.” He rushed to that direction. The rest of us followed the rule to keep a distance. Minutes later the ambulance came, they quickly loaded the patient to the ambulance. At that moment, I overheard these young men giving phone numbers, somehow, I managed to put it on my iPhone.

The scene kept playing in my mind after I got home. Without any hesitation, I purchased two amazon e-gift cards and sent to them anonymously and to thank each for being a caring citizen in such a difficult time. One responded that he was so thankful for the card since he lost two jobs a few days ago. The other replied that he would “accept the card only it does not hurt you financially by doing it”.

Keeping distance during this difficult time, people still find ways to help strangers who need help. These two young men did. The other day, I heard on our local TV News that people in our local food bank working hard to serve hot lunch outdoor under the sun everyday to unemployed people in town.

Through your photos and stories, we all have enjoyed these beautiful rivers running through majestic mountains, landscapes, cities, and special places close to where you are and to your heart. Thank you!

Tina invites to join the Distance theme, “These days, everyone’s talking about and hopefully practicing “Social Distancing”. Since it’s something we should all be doing, we thought a challenge focused on DISTANCE might be an appropriate reminder of its importance.” Make sure to link to Tina’s original site and to use the Lens-Artists TAG.

Join us next week for Patti’s Challenge #91. Stay safe and stay calm. 

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