Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #88 – Chaos

Through the Chaos theme, Ann-Christine sends “heartfelt wishes to blogger friends all over the world.”

When I first saw Ann-Christine’s Theme, I found it was difficult to think creatively. And, none of my photos that I chose initially could present the current situation. After a long debate with myself, I thought of merging some of my images to express the chaos.

I remember that the last time I used merging option was to show the coming of the terrifying Hurricane Harvey in 2017 (total damage at $125 billion, with a 90% confidence interval of $90–160 billion.) The image below was processed with photos of birds, mountains, and sea. I hope to present the turbulence that we are facing.

Do you see the light of hope showing behind the trees?

The result of the image below was a surprise. Frist, I merged two of my panning shots, it was not successful. I then added a filter which made it worst. When I was about to give it up, I clicked a filter and I liked the result.

I think the final image addresses the global chaos. And I was able to use lights to symbolize our hope around the world for an end to the spreading of the COVID-19.

The anxiety of the COVID-19 has been overwhelming to all of us. Soon, I know I need to bring my focus back. I continue my routine walking and yoga, also start a couple of small house projects and learn some new recipes, except I have had trouble sitting still to read. At the same time, I notice hubby burying himself with his own learning, perhaps re-learning of some of complicated physics theories. Last week, hubby volunteered to stock up some food in our pantry, just in case. By the way, we haven’t seen any shortage in any store and shoppers have been very calm. But, the news can add some confusion… Anyway, he drove to the grocery shop at around 7 am, I thought it was so unlike him. 45 minutes later, he came back with three small bags of frozen veggies, four Campbell soup, two bags of pasta, two breads, one chicken, and one 6-pack of paper towel, oh a bag of oranges. I was sure more in the trunk, so I asked, “Is that all?” “These ought to last for a month.” he said. Really?

And, our neighbors have spent hours every day to take care of their yards. Two of them voluntarily take turns to mow our front yard and clean our walkway/driveway. When we thank them, they graciously said something about staying busy. I was happy to share our favorite desserts from our kitchen. Many of us try very hard to steady ourselves around worries in different ways. How do you cope with your stress?

Special thanks to Tina for giving me the direction and encouragement. Her vision gives me a new perspective and positive energy enabling me to put photos and thoughts together. This may be the fifth version, and I like it better than the previous ones. Many thanks to Ann-Christine and Patti for your never-ending support. It means so much me.

Ann-Christine’s Chaos is inspiring. She reminds us, “Let us focus on the possibilities, staying on the right track. Maybe nothing will be quite the same again – but let’s hope this chaos is the beginning of something new and positive.” We are looking forward to seeing your response. Be sure to link them to Ann-Christine’s original post here, and to add the Lens-Artists TAG so that we can more easily find you.

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