Lens-Artists Challenge #85 – Treasure Hunt

This week Tina asks us to search for specific items – either from your archives or newly captured – from her list. 

“It’s like a treasure hunt, in a way, and you’re a detective.”

— Jeff Warwick

Often, I felt like a detective when I’m carrying my camera or iPhone, especially when I’m looking for something unique, beautiful, or special to capture.

I think this shot captured the vast scene of Muchu Picchu:

The trip we made to Rocky Mountain National Park a few years ago was a memorable one. We hiked and walked in different parts of the park looking for elk, moose, birds… One early evening, we saw two male elk competing with each other in the open field. After a long race, they started a head-to-head fight. The young intruder finally gave it up. It was an amazing scene.

I have posted various sun raising and sunset photos in the past. But, these sunrays streaming through gaps of the dark clouds was dramatic.

For an extra credit, I choose the image below. While touring the Giza Pyramids, I was hoping to capture local people. The site was crowded with thousands of tourists, as you can imagine. It was almost impossible to isolate a subject. So I decided to walk to the other side of the Pyramid. It wasn’t a short walk; after all, the length of each side at the base averaging 755.75 feet (230 metres). From a distance, I spotted this man standing there talking to his grandson who was just a couple few feet away from him.

For this treasure hunt theme, Tina provides us with a list of challenging items and extra credit items for us to explore. Please click to visit Tina’s remarkable treasure hunt photos and stories. As always, Tina, Ann-Christine, Patti and I look forward to seeing your responses.

Your creative responses to last week’s narrow theme were inspiring. All the beautiful photos and thoughts have brought “narrow” to a new level! And, thank you so much for your encouraging comment. 🙂


A Special Announcement:  All of us at Lens-Artists are delighted to announce that the March 7th challenge (#87) will be hosted by our special guest host, Miriam Hurdle at The Shower of Blessings   Please be sure to visit Miriam’s site on Saturday, March 7th to view her challenge.  For the rest of February and March, we’ll follow our usual weekly schedule:

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