Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #81: Find Something Red

This week, Patti invite you to share your “red” shots, “Sometimes in the middle of winter, the world is reduced to stark shades of black and white.  This is the time when my eyes are drawn to bursts of color.”

Red has been part of our palette since the very beginning of human history. The dusky red bison dotting the cave walls of Altamira in Spain are some of the oldest, dated between 20,000 and 14,000 BC.

Since ancient times, the color red is powerful and prestigious. And, it still is.

Red has different associations in different cultures and beliefs. In some parts of Africa, red is a color of mourning, representing death. In China, Red symbolizes good luck, happiness and prosperity, and in Japan, red is the traditional color of heroism.

It was not difficult to spot red in Kyoto.

In ancient Egypt, red ochre was used as a cosmetic. This image below was taken inside of the tomb of the Valley of the Kings. The majority of the royal tombs were decorated with religious texts and images with colors. The Valley was used for primary burials from approximately 1539 BC to 1075 BC.

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As always, Patti, Tina, Ann-Christine, and I look forward to seeing your responses of “find something red.”

On a cold foggy morning, I was happy to spot the Red-head Woodpecker.

A Special Announcement:  All of us at Lens-Artists are delighted to announce that next week’s challenge (#82) will be hosted by our special guest host, Viveka of My Guilty Pleasures.   Please be sure to visit Viveka’s site on Saturday, February 1st to view her challenge theme.  For the rest of February, we’ll return to our usual weekly schedule.

80 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #81: Find Something Red

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  3. Awesome post, Amy! The image that truly stole my heart was the last one. Incredible to even think that something this ancient still exists. I also so enjoyed the history you narrated about the color red. Thank you!

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