Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 2 – Say Cheese

Say Cheese is happy theme for this week

The photo below was taken in a beautiful outdoor restaurant located at a small village outside of Cairo. They serve baked bread and roast chicken out of their brick oven. Two women were making bread with smiles.

Two lovely girls were chatting and laughing while waiting in line to get into the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The grandpa and boy followed me for a little while, then wanted me to take a picture of them, so I did. As soon as I finished clicked, the young boy politely asked for one dollar.

We ran into many friendly and happy people in Egypt.

Cee shares Ingrid Fetell Lee’s inspiring quote:  Studies show that our expressions can influence our emotions. So when you’re feeling down, try “faking it ‘till you feel it” by smiling, doing laughter yoga exercises, or looking at a photo of yourself taken at a particularly joyful time.

Take a look of Cee’s Say Cheese. Join us 🙂

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