Lens-Artists Challenge #75 – Nostalgic

This week, Tina gives us a chance to share the nostalgic moments, “past holidays, times with family and friends, travel moments, or just something that reminds you fondly of days gone by…”

In his “Les Misérables”, Victor Hugo described his nostalgia beautifully. When he went back home after a long absence, as he walked on the street, he realized that the pavement which he walked on was not just stones, he had left his heart in those streets.

In after times, when we are there no longer, we find that those streets are very dear,

that we miss those roofs, those windows, and those doors,

that those walls are necessary to us,

that those trees are our well-beloved,

that those houses which we never entered we entered every day

and that we have left something of our affection, our life, and our heart in those streets.”

~ Victor Hugo

These photos were taken in Kyoto, I then processed through Lightroom and Topaz.

Tina introduces how a community farm returns to the “good old days” with a new approach… It’s great story with beautiful photos of farmland. You don’t want to miss it. Click here to visit. 

As always, Tina, Patti, Ann-Christine and I look forward to seeing the nostalgic moments that are special to you. I will host next week’s LAPC Challenge #76.

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