Pebble Beach

The 17-mile drive takes you to this beautiful Pebble Beach resort and its famous golf course.

The Monterey cypress is quite unique.

The Pebble Beach Resort:


The 2000 United States Open Championship was the 100th U.S. Open Championship, held June 15–18 at Pebble Beach Golf. Tiger Woods won his first U.S. Open by a record-setting fifteen strokes. it remains the most dominating performance and victory in any major championship.

Sports Illustrated called “the greatest performance in golf history”.

The par-5 18th hole is known for the  tree that sits in the middle of the fairway as well as a 100+ yard bunker that runs along the seawall on the ocean leading to the green.


This week Lens Artists Photo Challenge theme is waiting. Hope you’ll join us and share your waiting photos and stories.

Patti’s ( eloquently addresses her “creative waiting”, “It requires patience and the discipline of waiting without fear, without judgment, without pressure to produce. It also requires an open mind that freely explores the vast, uncharted realm of the unknown.”

Due to my travel schedule, I will be late visiting your responses to the waiting theme and replying to your comments.

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