A Year Ago…

Manja (MANJA MEXI MEXCESSIVE) started her “Last Month” topic sometime ago. For October, Manja posted photos of Tuscany where she is living now “as a reminder, memory, and comparison to the month at hand.” She graciously gave me a permission in September to join, I’m happy that Manja encourages me to participate for October’s. If you’d like to join, please contact Manja.

I had a chance to visit a ranch on a pleasant weekend. I didn’t get to see my friend, Mr. B, but met some “new kids on the block”.

While Ms. W was watching me and I was aiming her with my camera. Her big brother wanted to know what was going on.

Ms. W was more curious about my camera than her brother and her sister (one the left) as you can tell.

A few minutes later, her cousin showed up:

I like the way they were posing for me. 🙂

Fall colors just began the first week of last October in the New England area. The mixed colors of orange and green looked pretty through the car window on a rainy day.


A year later, I still remember the gourmet coffee and the desert we had.

If you like to join, please contact Manja.

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