Lens-Artists PC #66: Filling the Frame (10/6/2019)

This week, Patti invites us to explore filling the frame. “In photography when we talk about a frame, we’re talking about the image itself.” — Jane Allan

Patti explains,”The advice to fill the frame means to get in close, and make sure your subject occupies a significant amount of space in your shot.”

At the top of the hill, we enjoyed this beautiful view.

I, then, include only the shrine and green trees in the frame. Here is the result:

By chopping off parts of the building, I was be able to see the details of the roof and its frame work:

Getting down to the ground and closer, I captured the shape, texture, and lines of the Sand Garden:

Elk at the Rocky Mountain National Park. This is where having a zoom lens in the telephoto range comes in handy, zooming in 275 mm:

A zoom telephoto lens will both isolate your subject and draw attention to it.

Getting closer to fill the frame with the varied shapes and coloration:

A photographer suggests, “Nothing should be in the image that will detract from the main subject or focal point.”


Patti’s beautiful “filling the frame” photos highlights the texture and wonderful expression and the beauty of those sandstone formations that have taught me a good lesson. Ann Christine’s will host next week’s challenge. Stay tuned.

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