Lens-Artists PC #65 – Pick a Place (09/30/2019)

This week, Tina asks us to pick a place.

I pick Dubrovnik, Croatia for this theme. In 1979, the city of Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. We were there two weeks ago.

With the large outer walls, narrow streets of the Old town and fortifications, the old town of Dubrovnik was the perfect place for the Game of Thorns :King’s Landing. 

The film has attracted tons of tourists to the old town. To feel like you have a role in the “King’s Landing”, you can pay $30 to walk on the wall.

The famous wall:

Our local tour guide addressed the problems of managing the trash. The dragon below is sending out some serious messages through the wall.

Last year, 749,000 people disembarked from 539 cruise ships that moored in Dubrovnik’s harbor, and more than 4.2 million people have spent at least one night in Dubrovnik in 2018.

The old town is situated by the “blue on blue” Adriatic Sea, and the sky is as blue as the sea. The contrast of the blue sea/sky and red roofs is amazingly beautiful from every angle. It’s also unique because the fame of the old town is much associated with the TV series–“Game of Thrones”. Thus, I chose Dubrovnik’s wall city for this week’s theme. 

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