Countryside in Bosnia (09/24/2019)

This week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge is “countryside and/or small towns”.  In just two days, we have enjoyed many beautiful photos of the countryside and small towns from our followers, and these photos tell wonderful stories of the places they grew up, have visited, or lived.

On a hot day (90 F degrees), we took a day trip to Bosnia from the Croatia border. On the bus, we saw this side of Bosnia.

The farmland:

Small town:

The scars of the Bosnia war:

Many of these houses damaged by the war may never be recovered:

Three hours later, as we were approaching our destination, we saw a beautiful river running through:

These photos were taken with iPhone 8 on the bus.

For more about the long, brutal, and ugly Bosnia War, and twenty years later, click here.

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59 thoughts on “Countryside in Bosnia (09/24/2019)

  1. Those scars of war are going to last a long time, but nature may take its due course, hiding and burying those scars in the embrace of foliage. One of my former colleagues and their family escaped Bosnia for the U.S. at the outbreak of the civil war; she spoke fondly of the town of Mostar before I saw the images of the town’s famous bridge which I’d like to see at some point.

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    • Yes, the scars can last for a long time… we visited Mostar, but I didn’t take a good photo due to the huge crowds. Other then the crowds, there are many, many shops on both sides of the bridge.

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  2. The photos were fascinating to me, Amy. I’m currently reading a book written by an aid worker in Bosnia and I have been very interested in that part of the world. There was so much devastation in that country and I think the visual reminders will always be there. The farm and open land is quite beautiful. Strange contrasts! Your photos captured the feeling quite well.

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  3. When we visited our tour guide was a young woman who took us to a very small room with many photos of young men. She said they’d all been killed in the war. She went tnru the photos to identify all those she’d known in school. It really brought home to us how war affects people on a personal level. So sad

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  4. (EN) People, food and even coffee there have a so slow routine and landscapes are so peaceful. I don’t know why wars happen ruining so beautiful things. Thanks for sharing Amy
    (IT) Gente, cibo e persino il caffé li hanno una routine così lenta e i paesaggi sono così pacifici. Non so perché la guerra accada rovinando cose così belle. Grazie per la condivisione Amy.


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