Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63– Magical (09/15/2019)

Ann-Christine hosts this week’s photo challenge– magical.

Here is my take on. The magical moment means when you watch a foal taking his first step.

The little guy managed to walk with his two front feet. You can do it!

“But,… what do I do with my back feet?”

The magical moment also means watching the Great Blue Heron dancing above the lake in the early morning.

Thanks to Ann-Christine for the magical theme. Though we had the “magical light” before, this time Ann-Christine wants us to look into the magical moment of people, places, adventures, experiences… that magical means to us. Click here to visit Ann-Christine’s magical.

I’m traveling this week, will reply your comment and visit you when wifi is available.

Next week, it’s my turn to host Challenge #64. Stay tuned.

84 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63– Magical (09/15/2019)

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  3. The first steps are so precious…lucky you to be there and capture them! Nature’s magic. And the dancing heron is magical grace itself! I did not find you in the reader, Amy – glad I found you now!

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