Lens-Artists Challenge #57 – Taking A Break

This week, Tina hosts the “Taking A Break” photo challenge theme. 

Whenever I get a chance, I like to go to one of the near-by ranches for a break. Often, it’s just my horse friends and I. A few weeks ago, I drove to there on a weekend morning. As I was walking outside of the ranch (some parts were fenced with electrical wires and covered with bushes). This time I was able to get inside with a ranch hand.

While walking with the young ranch hand, I spotted mama horse and her foal from a distance.

Mama tried to wake up her foal, but the foal didn’t feel like to get up.

Mama looked around, then slowly moved away from her foal. A minute later, the foal was up.

Mama kept walking…

The foal didn’t want to be away from mama. So he got up quickly and struggled to make his first step.

He then walked up to mama. And, mama was there waiting.

The ranch hand said that the foal was born just three days ago. It looks like he is going to be an active pony. From this moment on, mama won’t be able to take a break for a while.

His cousin was watching and excited for having a new playmate.

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