Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #55 – Dreamy

This week Ann-Christine challenges us with the dreamy theme– “having a magical or pleasantly unreal quality; dreamlike.” It reminds me the dreamlike experience I had in the Katsura Imperial Villa.

“The idea of paradise is a projection of wishes and desires that cannot be attained on Earth — and a garden becomes its earthly reflection.”

— Johann Kraftner (Author of The Elegant Garden)

The Katsura Imperial Villa is a dreamy garden located in the suburb of Kyoto, Japan. The villa and garden were completed in 1645 as the residence for the Katsura Family, members of Japan’s Imperial Family.

Tea houses in the villa were built by the pond using natural elements such as straw, bark, and bamboo allowing the natural atmosphere throughout the garden. Imagine in a foggy morning or a misty evening, the royal family gathered there watching the boat gliding through the pond to deliver tea to the tea house. It must be a poetic and dreamy tea time.

Through the windows of the Moon House, the royal family could enjoy the moon view and the reflection of the moon upon the water.

A dreamy garden, indeed.  

Ann-Christine shares some of that Icelandic dreaminess with us. You don’t want to miss it. We are looking forward to your interpretation of dreamy.

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Stay tuned next week, it’ll be my turn to host Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. 



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