Lens Artists Photo Challenge #53 (2): Friendship, Imagination, Country, and Connected

Tina’s (travelsandtrifles) Friendship:

“While we were all initially saddened by the discontinuation of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, for us it became an opportunity to expand our blogging horizons and to create some amazing new friendships.”

As friends, we support one another and accept differences. We also have extended friendship to our LAPC community.

Patti’s (pilotfishblog) Imagination:

Imagination–the creative impetus that has inspired all the artists whose works are displayed here. Imagination is also the key component that drives all of us in the blogging community to create and share our work.”

One of the fun things about hosting the weekly theme is that we get to visit your creative photos works and beautiful writings responding to L-A themes. It has been a wonderful learning journey for me. Maybe, someday I’ll be as creative as you are; I’m imagining.

Ann-Christine’s (lagottocattleyaA country that’s special to you”:

 “It is also the country in which JRR Tolkien’s characters so naturally belong. New Zealand opened its arms to me – and I immediately felt at home there.” 

It hard for me to name a country, but I love being in a country that people have choices of visiting landscape and wildlife, in nature preserve local parks and national parks. Often, I let our blog friends take me to places to enjoy the beauty of nature, get to know a different culture, wander in a city/town, or take an effortless hiking trips a couple of thousands miles away. These virtual experiences are exciting, educational, and inspiring.

Amy’s (shareandconnect) Connected:

“At a time when the virtual world is so aggressive and overly critical (and we spend more and more time in this world), having a comfortable, safe, understanding and supportive space to share our creative attempts is more important than we often realize.”

~ Ana Linden (AnaLindenblog)

Ana also said, “We connect not only with our subjects, but with the new places we discover, with their inhabitants, culture and history, not to mention with everybody with whom we share our images.”  I agree wholeheartedly.

This post is inspired by followers and blog friends who have joined “Your Choice”. Thank you so much for your support and for all the kind wishes and thoughtful comments. Thank you for being part of LAPC community.

Looking forward to seeing your choice” if you haven’t made a choice. Send a link to the site above and tag Lens Artists, so followers and readers can find and enjoy your post.

Where to tag? Look the side bar on your right hand side where you make your post, then scroll down until you see the “Categories”, the tag box is below it.

Notes: The World Wide Web is 30 years old. Berners-Lee wrote a proposal on March 12, 1989 for “a large hypertext database with typed links”. He considered several names, … but settled on World Wide Web. More in Wikipedia. However, Internet was born in Nov. 1969.

62 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #53 (2): Friendship, Imagination, Country, and Connected

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  2. What lovely images and post Amy. Like you I love visiting other countries through other bloggers. It is a great way to learn about other places and also to see how alike we all are and how we are connected to each other.

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  3. Loved this post, Amy! I’ve been here quite a long time just admiring the different styles of the individual artists. I’m not sure what you picture is but it is alluring for sure! Thank you for sharing! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  4. Beautiful shots as usual, Amy. Thanks to all of you for taking this on. I just wish it weren’t on Saturday, as I’ve been doing Six Word Saturday for ages. I know I can post on another day, but you know how that goes. 🙂 Now that I’m back from vacation, I’ll be trying to connect with Lens Artists again.

    Happy Wednesday!


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