Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #50: Trees (6/16/2019)

Ann-Christine hosts this week’s L-A Photo Challenge theme- Trees.

Tree is one of my favorite photo subjects. I hope to use these photos to tell their growth,


falls, and

their life renewal journey.

So many  plants depend on trees to grow.

Dead logs in water is the best place for turtles to get up there for sunbathing since turtles are cold-blooded, so they need to leave the water to sunbathe to regulate their temperature.

Birds and animals always seek protection from trees. Birds use branches to build nests in tree holes.

How do we depend on trees?

Trees produce approx. 30% of the Earth’s oxygen. Trees help prevent soil erosion. Trees play a role in the carbon cycle besides nitrogen. Trees produce all sorts of nuts and fruits. Trees are turned into lumber for building homes. And, more…

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