It’s Spring… (5/19/2019)

When Canda  Geese migrate, they form impressive and aerodynamic “V-formations.” They can cover 1,500 miles in just 24 hours with a favorable wind.

Mr. Canada Goose Jr. showed his high speed water ski skill to approach Miss Goose, she was just a few yards in front of him.

When Jr. got closer, his head was down and his two wings were stretched out beautifully.

He then calmed down and slowly stretched his wing to his back.

Sweet moment…

It was encouraging to see so many responses to L-A #47: Five Elements. Through your beautiful and creative photos of and stories, we all agree that “In nature, nothing exists alone” that we should continue to pay respect to nature. Thanks to all you! 🙂

40 thoughts on “It’s Spring… (5/19/2019)

    • There were a lot chasing and actions along the lake. Fun to watch. I was surprised to find out the Canada Geese is the official name. 🙂


    • So well said, Sally! Thanks to you for constantly reminding us the environment issues and the beauty of nature via your lens and pen. 🙂


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