Catch Me If You Can

When I was holding my camera standing by those photographers with a long/wide lens and  heavy duty tripod, I didn’t think I had a chance to capture these tiny birds, especially when they were hopping and flying from branch to branch on a tree. And these birds were like “Catch me if you can!”.

This one was showing off his speedy diving skill. A second ago she was climbing on this tree.

Swallow was hopping on the grass for a little while.

The other Swallow decided to take off:

The Red-winged Blackbird was easy to spot:

I was lucky to capture this Red-winged Blackbird in flight:

The Yellow Warbler is striking in woods. I was happy to capture him stretching his beautiful wings.


Set my camera focus on AI Servo, I was able to capture this bird in action. 🙂

This cute little guy (Ruby-crowned Kinglet?) was determined to fly high.

My friend in Ohio said that many places were crowded with serious photographers last weekend. To get some cool shots of these birds, you do need a lot of patience. You definetly need strong arms to carry these gears. 🙂

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