Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #44: Harmony

Tina explains color harmony, “Color harmony is achieved when a piece of art includes complimentary colors, typically two or three colors side-by-side on the wheel, two colors directly opposite each other on the wheel, or any color combination found in nature. It can also be used to incite different emotions in our art.”


Before sun is rising, it is the tranquil time of the day. Light orange is showing just right above the blue mountain, and you can see the changing colors in the blue sky.

Water fountains in Japan gardens are used to symbolize the passage of time, also as a means of physical and spiritual cleansing before entering a home or temple.

Creating harmony and balance with the natural world is the key element in Japanese landscape design.

Japanese fountains are always very simple in design. Fountain sometimes consists of a shallow stone basin sits amongst rocks.

A bamboo water fountain is an idea harmonizes with nature.

This post is inspired by Tina’s Harmony. Tina provides an array of opportunities for us to express harmony, “…musical, spiritual and inter-personal harmonies are all commonly known and well-studied..” Take a look and join us.

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