Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #42 – Creativity

Ann-Christine is hosting this week’s L-A Photo Challenge. The theme is creativity.

In the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, a massive exhibit made entirely of plastic pollution fished from the Pacific is on display called “Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea”.

The contrail made a mark straightly up to the orange sky. It looks like a dramatic brush painting.

When I feel like to do something creative with my photos, I go to the Topaz Studio for help:

Panning is a cool way to create an abstract paining. If I practice it over and over, I have a chance to get an abstract-like shot.

When ask “what is creativity” at the Nature History Museum, here are some of the responses showing on the white board:

Through this video, visitors can learn how Angela H. Pozzi created the Washed Ashore sculpture. Her sculpture sends out a message– ocean’s deadliest predator is trash. If we try to reduce using plastic products and find alternatives creatively, we can make a difference.

This post is inspired by Ann-Christine’s Creativity.  She gives us a fabulous tour of the annual Flower Parade (Bloemencorso, Dutch) via her lens. Click Ann-Christine’s site to visit and join the challenge.

Next week, I will be hosting next week’s L-A Photo Challenge #43. 🙂

Tomorrow (April 22nd) is Earth Day. Happy Earth Day Eve!

55 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #42 – Creativity

  1. Happy Earth Day Eve, Amy! I am amazed at all the creativity around bringing awareness to the Plastic Problem. I believe that capturing the imagination, memory, and emotion of our global community can bring a change in how we think about what we use. Thanks for posting this!

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  2. Oh, Amy, I’ve got tears in my eyes. This post is so close to my Heart. Plastic is killing our planet and we must just must find ways to stop using plastics. How is this going to be possible when everything today plastic is being used. I watched the video and that’s the source of my tears. Your images are stunning by the way. I LOVE the one done in Topaz studio. Thank you for this tremendously important post!!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment, Tina! I know we use plastic products everywhere, but seeing the video horrifies me… So glad you like the panned image.


  3. Wonderfully creative post, Amy! And so grateful you brought up the plastic problem! We have a great deal of plastic art exhibited here in Sweden as well, and you can buy a bracelet made from washed up plastic bottles to help the campaign. A creative and good reminder of what we have to do to save the oceans.

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  4. What a wonderful combination of creative images and ideas. I love how you brought in Earth Day too. I have to try panning some more. My first attempt wasn’t very good. 😦 But as you say, it takes practice. Love your images processed with Topaz Studio.


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  6. I really like the effect you created with Topaz studio and the abstract photo as well. Photo editing is really a fun pastime. I must do more of that in time to come. Thanks for posting some inpiring art in your photos.

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