Lens-Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

For L-A Challenge #40, Tina invites us to share something different.  

‘When its doors opened to the public in 1897, the Library of Congress represented an unparalleled national achievement, the “largest, costliest, and safest” library in the world.’  — The Great Hall, Library of Congress.

Last week, we were in Washington DC. On the last day in DC, we spent time touring the Library of Congress. As soon as we entered the Great Hall, we felt like we were walking into a museum of Italian Renaissance instead of a library.

Once thought to be silver leaf on the ceiling, is actually aluminum leaf. When the building was being constructed during the 1890s, aluminum was more precious than silver.

The statue is a symbol of  celebration of Benjamin Franklin’s discoverer of electricity.

The materials include marble (15 varieties), granite (400,000 cubic feet), bronze, gold, mahogany. The grandeur of the hall left visitors breathless. And, this is not something we would normally expect from a library, but this is the Library of Congress.

Below is the main Reading Room of the Library of Congress. I took this photo with my iPhone 8+ from a small window in the hallway. A very grand and different library reading room, indeed.

Tina asks us to show “something different, something unusual, something we wouldn’t normally expect from you.” Take a moment to visit Tina’s inspiring post of “Something Different“. 

We look forward to your entries and as always remember to tag your post “Lens-Artists” so that we can all find them. Patti will host L-A challenge #41 next week. 

58 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

  1. I had no idea the Library of Congress was this gorgeous and ornate, Amy. I’m in awe! Your photos captured it beautifully and thank you for sharing. As much as I love ordinary libraries, I can see that I must visit this special place.


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