More Wildflowers

“Beautification is far more than a matter of cosmetics. For me, it describes the whole effort to bring the natural world and the man-made world into harmony; to bring order, usefulness — delight — to our whole environment, and that of course only begins with trees and flowers and landscaping.”    ~ Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson

“Lady Bird Johnson, former first lady of the United States, was ahead of her time in understanding the reparative and regenerative qualities of native plants and beautiful landscapes.”  ~ LBJ Wildflower Center 

Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas.

Most people may not know is that each year Texas Department of Transportation buys and sows an estimated 30,000 pounds of wildflower seeds to plant throughout the state. The department has statewide rules to delay mowing roadsides until after wildflower season is over.

With the warm sunshine of early spring, Texas roadways are covered with various hues.

Cattle and horses are also enjoying this colorful time of the years.

I have received many responses and comments on the wildflower photo that I posted a few days ago for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: “Hello April”, so I decide to make a post just for Texas Wildflowers. Enjoy!

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