Lens-Artists Challenge #32 – Shadows

“Capturing the balance between shadow detail and highlight detail is one of the cornerstones of taking a well exposed image.” (shuttermuse.com) This may explain why shadow photography is fascinating and challenging at the same time.

Morning sun through the window created nice shadows in quiet area at the London airport.

The changing shadows made the hallway of the Miho Museum fascinating:

Miho Museum, Japan

Many streets in Seville, Spain are very narrow. We were told that the shade/shadows from either side of the buildings can keep the street/alley cooler during summer.

Seville, Spain

The first time I learned about taking photos of shadows was at the rim of Grand Canyon. It was a beautiful evening, people were crowded there waiting for the sunset scene; a photographer was busy setting up his camera gear. After a brief pleasant exchange with him, minutes later I found myself was shooting side by side with him. I had no idea how to capture the sunset scenes of GC. Luckily, Bill, the photographer, took time to explain to me how sun was setting and how that affects shadows moment by moment, as he was clicking his camera cable. Bill also pointed a spot and told me specifically to include the shadows. He then asked me to show him the photos I captured. Sometime ago, I wrote a story “Bill, the photographer

The next evening, I was on my own. This was my lucky shot:

This boy was having fun watching a squirrel. 🙂

“… there are shadows because there are hills. “
–  E.M.Forster, “A Room with a View”

Thanks to Tina for hosting the shadow theme. Tina captured the beauty of shadows and lights in many different ways. Click to here to see her beautiful photos. Join us, remember to make a link to Tina’s post and tag your post.

Tune in to Patti’s Pilotfish post next week for Challenge #33.

68 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #32 – Shadows

  1. So curious about the Bill study (be back later) and I love it when folks make time to share and pass on knowledge / and try to make time for it when situations allow me too –
    I like the airport and museum shots the most here – but nice take on the theme – 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Y! I was lucky. Most photographer don’t initiate any conversation since they have many things in their mind. But Bill was will to help. The post I did sometime ago tells a little bit more about him. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will go and read it now –
        I was going to ask if his last name was “proud” because my husband’s aunt is married to a Bill – who is a good photographer and he sometimes shoots the Grand Canyon – hm-


  2. What expressive shots, Amy! A gorgeous collection. I love the details and texture in the Seville shot and your lucky shot of the GC is fantastic. The shadows add a wonderful moodiness to these images. 🙂 Where in the world where your next shots come from? You’ve visited so many great places.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amy, I enjoyed this narrative about your lovely shadow photos… Especially the recollections of Bill. It is truly an impacting experience to have those meaningful exchanges with people one meets by chance.

    Liked by 1 person

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