Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #29: Cityscapes

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Patti asks us to share “a cityscape of one city or several cities with populations in the thousands or millions.”

I find cityscapes at night is fascinating, but I don’t get to practice night photography often at all. I know this much–long shutter speed and a tripod are needed to get sharp night photos. Since I don’t have a habit of bringing a tripod when I travel, so when I do, I set high ISO and a longer shutter speed that I can handhold my camera, and then hope to get a good result.

It is hard to resist taking night photos in London:

The one below was taken from the London Tower Bridge:

Beautiful cityscape of San Fransco:

Cityscape of Miami:

Last but not least, New York, New York! This one was captured with my Panasonic Lumix, a mirrorless camera:

I love how Patti describes why she enjoys cities. “All these cities have their own personalities, quirks, weaknesses, and strengths. I enjoy spending time in them because of their architecture, their physical beauty, their history, their harbors, their people, and their food…”

Thanks to Patti for hosting this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge (#29). Please visit her stunning cityscape series. We are so looking forward to seeing your cityscape photos; they can be near your home or thousands of miles away. Ann-Christine will host next week’s Lens Artists challenge.

Thank you for visiting!    

64 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #29: Cityscapes

  1. Really enjoyed seeing the different cities here, Amy, and their dazzling nighttime vistas. Your photos are delightful, my friend, you did a great job of displaying the different personalities of each city; an especially difficult task at night. I especially like the London photo taken from the bridge, and Miami with the green grass highrise shadows and palm trees.

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    • So glad I have a chance to share these with you, Jet. I’m delighted to read your comment, as always. Thank you so much! I think Miami did a good job of reserving a large green area and a beautiful park with lots of palm trees in downtown.

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  2. I don’t carry a tripod with me either, Amy. I’ve been thinking however, of getting a monopod. I’ve seen a lot of bird photographers carry them and I think I could handle that. I’ve also learned when taking night images to use a red enhancer filter to eliminate green from the lights. LOVED every photograph! Did you handhold all of these images? If so 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼! Also, you have both a mirrorless and a DSLR. Do you have a preference with one over the other? I ask because I am about to buy a new camera (a DSLR) with my eyes on a mirrorless one. The choices are so hard! Thank you ahead of time for answering my questions. Have a great Sunday! 💝

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    • I’m glad to hear you don’t carry a tripod, monopod is mor portable. Thank you for let me know about the red enhancer. I set my camera on a railing or something for those shots.
      I bought the mirrorless for the Peru trip. It was only 2 pds and the Lens is attached. I know I knew we’d hike some and battle with the high altitudes. Plus, we had to carry water rain coat… in our backpack. No one carried a DSLR and large lens in our travel group. In some places, we had to carry hiking sticks… too much stuff on our shoulders, back, and hands.
      The mirrorless photo may not be sophisticated as canon, but it does a pretty good job, I may need to practice more. Btw, it is slow for action shot. I’m you can find a much better mirrorless camera . I’ll use is for taking a longer trip.

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      • Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to explain. I’m pretty sure I will be buying a new DSLR. I do have a mirrorless that is very light (a Samsung) but I much prefer my DSLR in the quality of pictures. When bird season starts I am might invest in a monopod. Again, really appreciate the time you took to answer me. 🤗🤗🤗

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        • I just noticed the errors on my response. My allergy was act up this morning, I have little energy and minimum focus. I’m better after a short rest.
          I think you’d enjoy the Canon 7 D II for capturing bird in flight. It’s an awesome camera, I haven’t been able to utilize it as I should. This mirrorless is good for travel when you have hike.

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          • Amy, my allergies have been brutal. I understand! Believe me! More then you know! I actually looked at the 7DMk2 but … I really LOVE the full frame sensor the 5DMk4 has. I know I know the burst speeds are very different BUT! what I have been getting with my Canon 6D (not Mk2 but the original with ONLY 11 AF points!) makes me confident that in buying the 5dMk4 that has 7 FPS for burst speed, I can manage very well. Besides, with the full frame sensor of 30MP I easily can crop without the image going grainy. I’ve thought SOOOO long on this! I keep going back and forth between 3 cameras. I have to buy soon because there is a huge learning curve between what I have now and with any of those cameras I have been looking at. In order to do Spring justice, I must learn a new camera first. (smile) And yes, the mirrorless I have used when on a long hike. Yepper, true!

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  3. Great shots, Amy, great cityscapes! I agree with you…I never carry a tripod when I travel. In fact I don’t even have one. Night shots I usually lean on something or put my camera on a ledge or rails – or my husband. Travel light is my melody. I bought a mirrorless camera this year to make it even lighter. I don’t regret it. Lovely black and white shots as well!

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  7. They are all great but I especially enjoyed the night photos of London since it brought back memories of our stay there last year. I have photos of the Shard during the day but none at night so thank you.

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  12. Hi, Amy. What a gorgeous gallery! (I arrived here later than I wanted to this week. My apologies!) Your night shots are stunning and remind me how badly I want to get a lens that works in low light. Your Lumix shot is very crisp. Great clarity. I’m glad you included Miami–another great city.

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