Lens Artists Photo Challenge #26: Photographic Review

This week, Ann-Christine hosts Photographic Review theme to wrap up 2018 Lens Artists Photo Challenge.

It’s challenging to choose your own favorite photos, besides there are many ways to approach this theme. After debating a few times, I finally decided to tell my fun photographic experience and share a few the beauty of nature that I have captured.

I can’t describe how stunning the view was as the sun light was trying to break through the clouds and the colors of the sky began to change.

The horse seemed to enjoy the tranquility on a lovely spring Sunday morning. Yes, this is Texas. 🙂

Fall colors were covered by heavy fog, yet you still could sense the beauty of fall.

This year I’ve tried a few new photography techniques. One was the“freelensing” which helped create dreaming-like photos.

Another cool technique was panning. This one required some practices.

At the New York Grand Central Terminal, a young photographer let me place my camera next to his, then patiently showed me the technique of taking a motion blur photo. Who would expect to learn a new photography technique from a photographer in one of the busiest terminals in the world?

Apple finally put panorama in iPhone (mine is 8+), and I finally had “courage” to give a try. No, you don’t have to give 3 different shots with your camera on a tripod then merge them in Photoshop for a pano image. Tab your iPhone camera, go to Pano, and click. Voila!


Because of my altitude dizziness, I struggled to keep my eyes open, I didn’t want to miss some of the amazing scenery of Peru from the bus window. But, but how did I manage to capture this scene (below) on the bus?

Ann-Christine says, “This last Lens Artists Photo Challenge of the year 2018, is all about memories. Make a recap of Your 2018! “ What a great way to celebrate 2018 and share your sweet memories! Please take a moment to visit her beautiful photographic review and join us. 🙂

Happy to let you know Picks of my pics … is back, one photo a day including his”hiking to the Everest Base Camp” photo. Sometime ago, Jeremy said, “I want to make a photo, not just take a photo…” He does.

Wish you happy 2019! 🙂

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